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Coppa Mille Points Standings for 2009 - 2009-10-09

Going into the last race of the season (Nurburgring Oct 24/25) the competition has been quite good.  Good finishes have been recorded by many Scuderia Topolino customers.

In Division 2 Klaus Kleber is leading by a margin of 40+ points over Ralf Krieg.  Ralf apparently had some type of problem at his last race at Hockenheim, but mathmatically he cannot catch Klaus at this point.  Other customers such as Jan Shouten and Andre Van Koeveringe have both had very good years as well.  Both have made steady improvement in their performance.  Jan Shouten has Ralf Krieg in his sights, as he is only 3 points behind.  If Jan finishes two positions ahead of Ralf at the next race, then 2nd place in the championship is his.  The fight for 3rd place in the championship is equally close.  Klaus Stormer leads Scuderia Topolino customer Andre van Koeveringe by only 3 points, so this could go either way.  Andre has been blindingly fast after updating his car to "tubolare" rear suspension and installing a new shock absorber package.  He finished 1st at the last race at Hockenheim, so he is looking forward to a good finish at the last race of the the season.

Division 3 sees Heinrich Leitmann leading with an unassailable lead.  Scuderia Topolino customer Udo Shultz is in second place, 12 points in arrears going into the last race.  He could still take the class title, but only if bad luck strikes Heinrich.  All credit should go to Heinrich who has attended every event on the 2009 calendar.  It seems that steady, persistant 2nd and 3rd place finished throughout the season are paying off. 

Division 4 - Thomas Klingelhofer leads the division 4 class, as well as the race for the OVERALL CHAMPION for 2009.  He has had an imppecable year, competing in all scheduled events and finishing first in every event except for a 5th place finish at Spa and a 4th place at Hisdesheim.  Scuderia Topolino customers Bernard Heinrich and Huber Nagl are locked in a battle for 2nd and 3rd place. 

Congratulations for a great performance so far this year.  I will be at Nurburgring for the last race of the season and file a full report.

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