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Lime Rock Festival 2010 - 2010-09-23

Scuderia Topolino was scheduled to compete in this race, however due to some small problems we could not be there.  The Abarth name was ably represented by a number of other Abarth competitors and Scuderia Customers.

The following cars/drivers did make it and competed very well.

Mahlon Craft - 750 Record Monza; 1000TC - Alain Raymond; Abarth 1000 TCR - Roger Mandeville; and Pat Donovan - 1 litre Record Monza 

This is a regular event for both Mahlon, Alain and Pat, but it was nice to see Roger Mandeville competing in the Collier Collection, ex-FAZA TCR. 

 Alain outqualifies Roger

Alain outqualified the Mandville driven TCR, but in all fairness it the Collier crew were having some electrical difficulties under the dash. 

Perhaps a little further explanation is needed. 

The TCR in question is none other than THE former car of Alfred Cosentino, the proprietor of FAZA.  Al is still with us, although going a bit slower, after a stroke a while back.  I am sure he would have enjoyed seeing his old Number 6 being raced again.  Al's cars, with he and Craig Fisher driving, won many races in the sixties at tracks along the East Coast of the USA.  At some point his car was acquired by the Collier Collection in Florida and given a complete restoration.  At the time that Al bought the car from Abarth, it was the pinnacle of development for this model of car. (Note: Craig Fisher's car, No. 7, still languishes in a warehouse on the East Coast of the USA.  It is still as it was, parked after it ran its last race, I believe in 1971.  Perhaps the current owner will one day restore it and we will see both of them at an event)

In the race, Roger had the measure of Alain, in the more powerful TCR, but only on the front strait.  With more HP and of course a close ratio 5 speed gearbox, Roger was able to out-accelerate Alain into the first corner, leaving Alain with the frustrating task of trying to get by a VERY WIDE TCR. For the remainder of each lap Alain was right on his tail, pressuring him all the way.  One mistake on Roger's part and Alain would have been by in a flash.  All-in-all, a very good performance by both drivers, considering this was Roger's first outing in the ex-FAZA TCR, and Alain's outing against much more storied competition.  

All credit to Alain, as he put up a very good fight. Also A+ for his car preparation and driving skills as neither the car, nor Alain, had a problem all weekend long. (Alain is a long standing customer of Scuderia Topolino)

If you go to the Video section of this website, there is a video of the full race taken from Alain's car.


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