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Copenhagen Grand Prix 2010 - 2010-10-01

I had the pleasure of again attending the Copenhagen Grand Prix.  This race is run through a central park in downtown Copenhagen, Denmark. Already a challenging circuit when conditions are dry (absolutely no runoff areas), it is a nightmare in the wet.

It was semi dry for qualifying, and in the under 1 liter class the two Hillman Imps were fastest (again), followed closely by the Abarths of Jacob Holstein, Ole Frederickson (TCR) and Bjorn Mattson.  A little further back were the Abarths of Peter Grau and Soren Knudsen.  The narrow track car of Jacob Holstein started back in the pack on Saturday, as he had an oil pressure problem during qualifying.  He did manage to fight his way back through the pack, eventually claiming the best Abarth finishing position, with Ole Fredericksen and Bjorn Mattson close behind.

Overnight the rains started and it just rained and rained and rained.  As you can see in the photo below, Sunday morning was overcast, but no precipitation.  Jensen Birger and Steen Lauersen had provided me a place undercover to set up my little table with goods.

As the feature races started in the early afternoon, it started to rain again.  The street circuit had several places where the rain was not draining very well and hydroplaning was a distinct possibility.  With a greasy track, ongoing rain, concrete barriers on both sides, and no let up in sight, most of the competitors decided it was not worth the risk to run under these conditions.  Only Soren Knudsen in his 1000TC braved the conditions and was the only Abarth runner of the seven cars that decided to run the second race.

Congratulations to Soren for his win.  Also mentions should go to Jacob Holstein for his spirited drive on Saturday and Bjorn Mattson for his improvement over his performance in the same race in 2009.




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