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Corsa Italiana - Norway - 2008-10-18

We have a race series called "Corsa Italiana", where only Italian cars, older than 15 years, are allowed. There are four classes dependent on weight/HP.
This year we saw up to 32 cars on the starting grid, with a variety of Alfa, Lancia, Fiat and even one Ferrari. The series include 8 races over four weekends. In 2009 the organizers hope to have over 40 cars start each race.

In order to make it interesting, particularly for small displacement cars, there is a "Coppa Mille" award, that actually stretches up to 1300ccm(!). The idea was to also include cars like Fiat 128 and Alfa 1,3 liter. 
The Coppa Mille runs over the full year, and I am pleased to inform you that I received the winning price for 2008! Great!  

Over some period of time, quite a few Scuderia Topolino parts have made their way on to my car:
- PBS cylinder head with valves, springs etc
- Pistons
- Connecting rod bolts
- Cylinder head stud kit
- Camshaft
- Front suspension lowering kit
-etc., etc

Oh, and of course I should not forget the "close ratio gear set".  This made a real performance difference in 2008.
It has taken some time (and struggle) to sort it all out, but finally I am very pleased about the cars performance.  Not least, thanks for your personal involvement in helping me out when problems have arisen!
Of course, there are still many areas that needs improvement.   I look forward to many hours in my garage (also called "Mental Health Studio") during the winter break.

Axel Gulbransen

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