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Season Closer at Watkins Glen - 2008-10-20

The last racing event of the season was great. The track at the Glen is superb with many elevation changes and challenging curves. I was told the back straight would be too much for the Abarth but it did not bother me. The car pulled 7000 rpm at the end of the straight, before braking for the Bus Stop, and I also got 8000 rpm in 2nd all week-end long. It seems like the larger venturis have allowed 500 to 700 rpm more. My only problem was vibration at high speed due to an off-round tire (one of the new Toyos I installed at Lime Rock). I will have the tire dismounted and re-mounted again to see if it's a mounting problem or a tire defect.
My best time was 2:41 and, best of all, I got the one and only trophy for the event for "Exemplifying the Vintage Spirit". Cool!
As usual, the car got a lot of attention and several people came over to talk about our Beaverun/Pittsburgh "experience" which was published both in the VARAC magazine and Victory Lane! We even made front cover in Victory lane!! Both stories are attached.   Will have a video shortly.

Here is a link to a video shot from my car.

Alain Raymond - Canada

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