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*REVISED June 2013

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The emphasis is on Fiat rear engined cars. This includes all Abarth derivations. Unless specifically noted, parts are available from Scuderia Topolino. Packing, crating and shipping are extra and not included in the prices listed. All prices are quoted without sales tax, VAT, or Import Duty. All of these are the responsibility of the buyer.

LEGAL STUFF: Scuderia Topolino does not warranty the accuracy of any information provided by others. Buyers must satisfy themselves that the item is, what it is purported to be. Scuderia Topolino will not be drawn into any disputes. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Any items advertised by Scuderia Topolino are for racing purposes only and may, or may not, meet certain local motoring or air pollution laws. Buyers should satisfy themselves in all cases. All new Scuderia Topolino items are warranted to be free of defects at time of shipment. We have the utmost confidence in the parts that we sell. All have been tested in our own racing program or by others. However, as we have no control over how parts are installed or used, all parts come with our standard warranty, "5 seconds or 5 feet, whichever comes first". CAVEAT EMPTOR!!

These components are intended for off-road racing purposes only, and the proper use is entirely up to the purchaser. All Scuderia Topolino items are guaranteed to be free from defects at time of shipment. There are no other direct, or indirect, guarantees are given, or implied.

Scuderia Topolino does not guarantee the suitability of any product, or service, for any particular purpose. Scuderia Topolino accepts NO liability regarding the use of any of its services or products. This is includes, but is not limited to, direct, indirect, and third party liability claims. All purchasers and users of our parts or services, by entering into an agreement to purchase our products or services, acknowledge that racing may be dangerous. Further, all purchasers by entering into an agreement to purchase products or services from Scuderia Topolino, hold Scuderia Topolino, its owners, it heirs, its successors, individually and jointly, harmless for any and all liability associated with the use of Scuderia Topolino products or services.

PAYMENT TERMS: You can pay with your credit card using these services, even if you are not a registered user. Simply click on the PayPal logo above and you will be taken directly to their site. Please make a list of the part numbers and descriptions so that you can enter them in the order form.

US Sales - Cash, Personal Check (shipment will be delayed until check clears) , PayPal or Money Order. All sales should include Calif. sales tax at 7.75%. PayPal payments should be sent to pheyden@ieee.org. PayPal sales should include a 3.5 % service charge fee on the total amount of the purchase and transportation.

International Sales - Payment may be in cash or in wire transfers in US dollars or Euros. Please nominate which you prefer and we will provide banking details for you to transfer the funds. Please inquire in advance regarding shipment costs and remit total amount. PayPal payments should be sent to pheyden@ieee.org. International shipments do not include import duty or local taxes, where applicable.

Credit Cards - We are pleased to accept VISA and MasterCard credit cards. All credit card purchases will include a 3.5% service fee charge. Please contact us by telephone or fax with you credit card details. Fax # +1 (919) 462-8322.

RETURNS: Items will only be accepted for return with a Return Material Authorization (RMA) on a "prepaid freight paid" basis. Shipments with freight COD will be refused and returned to the sender at their cost. All returns will be subject to a re-stocking charge of $25 USD or 10% of the cost of the item, whichever is greater. Contact Scuderia Topolino for an RMA number before returning any parts.


We have automated our inventory control system in order to provide our customers with better service. This includes providing our customers with the ability to print out their own copy of the price list. Prices have been removed from this page, and a PRICE LIST item is listed directly below this paragraph. This will open a Word or Adobe Acrobat document, that lists the current prices for all Scuderia Topolino products and services, in US dollars. At the very end of the price list you will find a paragraph about converting US Dollar prices to Euros, using a conversion factor. Divide the US dollar price by this factor and you will get the Euro price. As each update is issued please check that the conversion factor has not changed. This change was necessary as our new inventory/costing system only deals with one currency. You may print out your own copy of the price list for further reference.

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