Here you will find a sampling of cars belonging to Scuderia Topolino customers



Andy Shank sent in this photo of a 850 Spider that he restored for a customer. Sweet ride !!!

Michael frm the UK sent in this photo of his replica 1000TC. Apparently it goes pretty good with A112 engine for power.

MIchael Foster's 500

MIchael McGeorge in the pits at Wakefield Park. Apparently a good weedend, as he ran 60 laps with no drama.

Birger going hard at Knutsdorp. Go for it !!

Juan Cubo's 1000TC replica from Mallorca, Spain. Interesting car with Hewland LG200 five speed gearbox.

Mr. Pitts sent along this photo of his recently restored Multipla.

Craig Way sent this photo of his SCCA slalom Fiat 850. Nice car.

Grahame with his OTR and the trophy he collected for Best of Concours

Seems Andy also has an 85OTC replica. Again a nice car. I hear that he is working on a Multipla as well.

Andy Shank sent in this photo of a very nice Abarth Allemano Coupe.

Eric drives this very nice, very original Abarth 1300/124. Congratulations !!

Fausto enjoying his A112 at an event in Switzerland.

Tony di Gennaro sent along this photo of his very nicely turned out 850 coupe. Looks like he has done the front radiator as a Can-Am style installation

Thorsten Babon drives this very nice 1st generation Fiat 127 in the Coppa Mille. You can find out more about the Coppa Mille at

Francesco Blogg sent along this new photo of his 1000TC. Painted in the national color of the Netherlands it is shown competing at Viva Italia in 2009.

Mario's pristine A112 looks really good at a recent slalom event.

Just to show that Berlina Corsa owners still drive other cars as well, here is Bernard's beautiful 850 coupe.

Here is Bernard Heinrich going pretty fast in what appears to be a hillclimb or slalom. My guess is that it is probably at the Schottenring Hilclimb.

Jarkko sent in this really nice photo of him competing against a Sunbeam Imp.

Takehiro sent me this very nice photo of one of his cars participating in the Historic Automobile Festival in Motegi, Japan. Looks like he qualified pretty well - at least ahead of a Ferrari !!!

Gerrit sent along a photo of his 850TC. The car is part of the original London Drinks Team, where it was driven by Pieter Visser. The car looks very nicely restored.

Looks like Jurgen has a new paint scheme for 2009. Looks very good !!!

Jakob Holstein just managing to to stay ahead of the IMP. This car/driver combination is pretty formidable.

Benny Max Gruhl going quickly at Copenhagen. He had to put on a new roof after the last race.

Sten Lauersen going pretty hard at the 2009 Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix.

The DiRocco family has a number of Abarths and this spider is a good example of the beautiful restoration work.

John is the owner of this lovely Abarth 850TC recreation. According to John it is 100% accurate, down to the last nut and bolt.

Morten Moller-Nielsen sure looks like he is having fun at a local hillclimb in Denmark.

Bjorn Mattson at speed at Ring Knutsdorp June 2009. Car looks fast and looks like it handles pretty good as well.

Burt Richmond sent along this photo of his 695 and Double Bubble at a recent car show. The DB took 2nd place in the People Choice Award.

Mike Amalfitano of Amalfitano of Amalfi Racing now owns this beautiful TCR. We have not seen the car on the track for a while, perhaps he will race it again in 2009? This car was raced for many years by Barry Ward of Atlanta GA.

Peter Hale sent in this nice photo of his TCR. This car used to belong to Jock Campbell of San Francisco. I understand that Peter even has all the parts to build a TCR motor with Kugelfischer fuel injection. At the moment it has a very nice 1050 motor with a PBS head. Nice car !!

Steve is refurbishing this little beauty and hopes to have it on the track later this year.

Joao Fereirra sent me this photo of his car from Portugal. Joao has one of our large valve cylinder heads and reports very good performance. I like the sticker on the front window !!

Neven Letica of Croatia sent in this photo of his very nice 1000TC replica. Very nice !!

Paul Hocking sent me a copy of his latest acquisition. You can't keep a good man down. After rolling his 850TC last year he just had to have another Abarth !!

Jasper Izak, Henk Izak and Ron Verzijlbergen make up this team of 1000TC cars. They regularly compete in the FIA sanctioned races in Europe.

Phil Blake sent this photo taken during his 2008 European adventure. Phil was lucky enough to be able to ship his car to Europe and participate in several events including the Vernasca Hillclimb in Italy, and several Coppa Mille events.

Rolf Nillson sent in this photo of an early Abarth 850TC. Very nice car.

Judge Parker's OT1000 looks very nice in this photo he sent in. Looks like it has been on "steriods".

Here is the beautiful engine destined to go into Andy's Record Monza.

Here is a nice car coming back from the grave.

Ger Duinkerken in action during the Sagafredo Cup at Circuit Essen in Holland.

Sam sent in this photo of his 850 Racer. Quite a stunning little car.

Hugh Tompkins in his Abarth 1300/124. Hugh switched to this car from racing a Alfa GTA Jr. and from the looks of things is really enjoying the ride.

Someone sent in this photo of his Kawasaki powered Fiat 600. The front end body work is a one-piece fiberglass section. Apparently they run a "silhouette" formula where he races, as under the bodywork it is all very custom, and very nicely done. He is apparently updating the car at the moment. It will become a mid-engined car with a horsepower increase to 180HP. This car was originally attributed to the incorrect owner. You can see more at: Rudi Grzetic -

Paolo's Lombardi undergoing major renovations at Guy Moerenhout. What a project !!

Ingmar getting ready for a Coppa Mille race at what appears to be Oschersleben, near Magdeburg,Germany.

Joe Parlanti at speed in his 750 GT and the 2008 Pittsburg Vintage Grand Prix.

Alan Steele now has a nice 695 Replica to drive called "BUZZ". He used to compete in local Motorkhana events in "LOLITA" his Fiat 1000TC replica.

Luca Maciucescu driving in the 2007 Carerra Panamerica. This is a competitive event that runs the length of Mexico, from Tuxtla Gutierrez to Nuevo Laredo on the US/Mexican border. It is run over a period of 7 days, and covers almost 3000 miles (approx 4800 kilometers). It combines high speed, normals roads and reliability, all in one event. Cars have to specially tuned for as the average octane fuel available along the way is only 85-87 octane.

Here is an photo of Jarkko's 1000TC.

Jarkko Saastamoinen of Finland send along some photos of his 1000TC replica, including this photo showing the new TCR exhaust that he installed. He reports that it performs very well.

Henry Davis of Mexico sends in this photo of his wonderful Allemano Coupe. Love the color !!

Antonio in Argentina is the proud owner of this 903 powered little gem. Scuderia Topolino provided quite a few parts for the rebuilding of this engine, and I understand from Antonio that it performs very well.

Bob Bailey recently acquired this beautiful 850TC. Scuderia Topolino is currently rebuilding the motor for this car.

Antti Rinne is the proud owner of this TCR. The car has won a number of Finnish touring car championships and is currently for sale.

Gerard Durand of Granieu, France sent a photo of this little gem. He and four friends are all building 1000TC replicas and this is the first finished example. Great job !!

Carl Gulbranson races a car prepared by his father Alex. This photo was taken at a recent race at Sturup and it looks like it is doing just fine as it "skips" across the curb

This is Graeme Towers' beautiful OTR 1000 Coupe. Graeme was the first person to purchase our new gear-reduction starter for Fiat 850 based automobiles. He says it was a "trouble free" 45 minute install and worked perfectly. Thanks for the input.

This is the Gen 1 Fiat 127 of Naomi and Michael McGeorge. They compete in motorkhanas and supersprints running a 127 1012cc motot and are based in Wollongong NSW, Australia. Looks like a lot of fun.

Craig Way sent along this photo of his Fiat 850 slalom/autocross car

Phil in Calgary sent in this photo of his Abarth 207. He also drives a DB from time to time

Toby from Western Australia sent in this photo of his very nice 600. Well it turns out that it is a 600, but with a complete drive-train clip from an 850 grafted in, similar to Alan Steele's "Lolita". Nice job Toby.

This is Ketil Thorbjoernsen's new ride for 2008. Ketil is in Norway and is using the winter to prepare the car for competition in 2008.

Pat Norton sent in this great photo of his 850 Spider. He races with SVRA and runs a historic car restoration shop. Looks very nice.

Martijn Aalbrecht sent in this shot of his car. Rumor has it that Martijn is building a new car for next year. Perhaps he will send in some photos of the work in progress!! Well, the photos of the new car have arrived.

Jim Oddie is the proud new owner of this little gem. Formerly raced in the Coppa mille in Germany, this will soon be ripping up the pavement in Southern California.

Fernando at Competizione & Sports Cars also added this little car their stable of Abarth cars. Since then they have added two more 1000TC cars and apparently have a nice Abarth stable.

Competizione & Sport Cars is the proud owner of this little gem, a 1964 1000 GT Bialbero Longnose Prototipo

Jasper Izaks going quick at Zolder, followed closely by Ron Verzijlbergen.

Michael Pardo droves this little gem. A recent cam and carburetor change provided a great injection of added performance.

Per Witthofft sent in this photo of him competing at the 2006 Copenhagen Grand Prix. Looks great Per!!!

Marcelo in Argentina sent this photo of the power plant in his Fiat 600. Twin turbo, throttle body fuel injection, electramotive crank-fired ignition. I guess the only thing that I would do different is the use of the TRIGER timing belt. When they were new they were OK, but with old rubber belts, they can be unreliable. Otherwise this is a very nice high performance installation.

Steven Daws in Victoria, Australia owns this little jewel, called Lolita. I remember when its previous owner, Alan Steele of NSW, built the car. It is unusual in that it has a 600 body grafted to an 850 floorpan and drivetrain. It took a bit of welding, but it works.

Christos Drougas of Greece sends in this image of his car against a backdrop of the local countryside.

Joachim Beck sent along this photo of his car competing in a 2006 Coppa Mille race. Talk about a small world, I ran into his brother at Fontana Speedway a couple of years ago, at a VARA race meeting.

Alain Raymond sent this photo of his car in the "pits" at Mt. Tremblant in Canada. He runs races both in the USA and in Canada. I recently saw him race at Beaver Run near Pittsburg and he literally blitzed the competition. His race was voted the "drive of the weekend".

Todd Hensley bought this DB as a "fun project". I had the opportunity to provide him with a motor for use on the street that has a few more horsepower that the original power unit. The original one will get rebuilt as well at some time in the future.

James Bairian provided this photo of his "daily driver" in Greece. Nice one James !!

The following car belongs to Ruud Bom from Holland. Ruud has been making the car faster each year. It has been a pleasure to help him out.

Mark Mitchell sent in this photo of his stable of Abarth cars. A nice DB, Record Monza and a 1000TC Stradale that has only seen street use, and never been raced. Yes, it still has its original AH block as well.

Hans Osendorp drives this littel gen in Div 1 in the Coppa Mille. I hear that Hans may be back in 2007 with a new motor. I am sure it will go well. Scuderia Topolino has developed some interesting engine bits for him. Good luck Hans.

Mahlon Craft was kind enough to send through a photo of one of his Abarth cars. This 750 Record Monza is one of the original Team Roosevelt cars, and is powered by a Bialbero motor. I was pleased to make some new connecting rods for this motor.

Herr. Udo Siekmann blasting up the hill to the Castello de Arquato in Vernasca in his Biposto. . Looks like a great deal of fun !!!!

Kirka Saarkoski"s turbo project is also coming along nicely. I'll bet he can't wait for spring !!!

Geoff Turrall giving the larger cars a run for their money at Castle Coombe in April 2006. Even though Geoff works for a major German sports car company, when he really wants some fun he races an Abarth.

Carl-Olaf runs this little beauty for his team Scuderia Carlo. Looks like a very interesting ride.

Wayne Pavy also does some historic rally events in his 500.

Wayne Pavy from "down-under" in Bassendean, Western Australia sent in this photo. He does some racing in mind for the 1000TC, when he takes off the "training wheels".

Frank DiGioia looks like he has a new toy !! I thought he was working on a 1000TC replica. Well it turns out he has sold it and is now building a "sleeper" 850 spider with a 1000cc motor. Interesting idea for a "rotisserie" !!

Helmut Kopp has had a hand in building several 1000TC replicas. Helmut's father is a well known tuner of Formula 3 engines in Austria, and Helmut himself is quite an accomplished formula car driver. Helmut and his father are working on a transmission conversion to put Hewland gears inside a Fiat 600D case. An interesting project.

This is Ad van Ling's car arriving at Nurburgring for a Coppa Mille race. Ad is from Holland and is a regular competitor in Abarth events around Europe.

Simon Gras, from Holland, has just started his restoration of this Abarth sedan replica. Looks like someone else has already done a great deal of the modifications. Good luck Simon.

German from Argentina sent in this photo of his Fiat 600.

Paul Carrucan from Australia sent in these photos of his Abarth replica taking shape. Paul lives in the same city as Dick Ward, who raced an Abarth sedan in various guises in the 60's and 70's. He promised to send me an article recently published about Dick Ward and his cars. Look for it here in the future.

This is Fred Plotkin's latest reconstruction project. After the Kangaroo Mk1 Fred built the Mk2 which was his second monocoque design. I do not know for certain, but the Mk1 car must have been one of the very first 2 seat monocoques built in the USA. He sold the Mk2 car in the 70's only to buy it back after it was crashed. He has now completed the reconstruction and it will make its debut in a month or so. Where the Mk1 was rear engined, the Mk2 is mid-engined with a Hewland gearbox. It is now powered by a 1070cc Fiat 128 motor with around 130 HP. Rumor has it that it is VERY light, very wide and VERY quick.

Here is a press photo of Fred Plotkin piloting the Kangaroo Mk1 at Willow springs. This is a homebuilt race car of Fred;s own design. It has NSU front suspension, and a Fiat 600 transaxle. Just like in 1965, Fred can almost always be found at the front in any race he competes in.

Fred and Don are both avid Fiat racers and pretty good tuners. Fred won a National title in H-Modified with his Kanagaroo one, and Don was responsible for many of the fast Fiat motors that found their way into Abarth sedans owned by John RIch of Rich Motors in Glendale Ca.

Jakob Holstein races this little red devil in Scandinavia. At a recent historic meeting he managed to beat all of the competition. He credits some of this to the new Limited Slip. Jacob was one of the first to try it.

Axel Gulbranson sent in a photo of his car from Norway. Apparently he has used the winter months to build up a new motor, after dropping a valve. Ouch !!. He now has a new motor, with some Scuderia Topolino parts in it, and I hear it runs pretty good.

Mike Lowe of New Zealand is seen here competing in the Targa New Zealand. This is a 10 or so day tarmac stage rally. Mike is apparently one of the few competitors that has finished the event ever since it has been run. I think it must be 8 or 10 years. Who says that Abarths are not reliable.

Peter Grau's car is really nicely turned out. This photo was taken last summer at Circuit Ring Djursland in Denmark.

Here is Udo Bernhardt's Record Monza 750. While not quite ready for a Concours de Elegance, it still looks pretty. Udo is towing the RM somewhere behind his Fiat 600.

Fred Winkel from Holland sends this photo. If I am not mistaken this was taken at the famous Spa Franchorchamps Circuit in France. Fred competes for the Dutch Abarth Racing Team (DART). Fred is not only a fellow Abarth racer, but I had the pleasure of staying with him during the 2001 and 2004 Coppa Mille competions.

I am not sure, but I think Bernard took this photo of his car at the 2005 Silver Flag Hillclimb at Vernasca Italy.

Tobias Schnetzer uses this early 1000 TC for his transportation for fast "pizza" delivery !! Only kidding Tobias.

This yellow 850 has absolutely immaculate bodywork belongs to Phil Nguyen. Apparently he has continued work on the car and it now sports a front radiator as well.

Rogerio Machado drives this little beauty in Portugal. Rogerio is responsible for much of the new Scuderia Topolino website. I think he has done a fantastic job.

Steve Reyes bought this car in California a while back and has finished going through it. He competed in, and finished, the Carrera Panamerica in Mexico in 2008, and did very well for such a long distance, endurance event.

This really nice Div 2 Coppa Mille racer belongs to Andre Van Koeveringe in Holland. Andre has been making some major changes to the car,

including "tubolare" rear suspension and engine upgrades. Looks like he is going for Championship in 2009 !!

Winner of Div 2 in the 2007 Coppa Mille, Herr. Dieter Ihle. This is a narrow wheelbase car, but Dieter sure knows how to make it go. Dieter has recently sold this car, so it will be interesting to see if the new owner competes in the Coppa Mille.

This immaculate Fiat 850 Spider belongs to Mitch Schwartzburg. Notice the great number he is running. Who says Fiats can't keep up with BMWs?? Mitch races with VARA in Southern California. Thanks for flying Scuderia Topolino's colors !!

Jorik Van't Hof in his 500. We haven't seen Jorik and his car for a year or so. Rumor has it that he will be back in action in 2006 ????? Well apparently not in 2006. However, from the looks of things 2007 may be a different story. Scuceria Topolino helped Jorik design a new exhaust system and camshaft. It looks pretty clean. Rumors confirmed !! Jorik had his first outing with the freshened up car and new motor at Zandvoort in Holland. Seems the car is in better shape than Jorik. After 30 minutes behind the wheel he was apparently exhausted. I am sure he will get himself in the same good condition as his car, in preparation for the 2008 season.

The organizer of the Coppa Mille series, Klaus Kleber

This is a Christmas card I received from Ari Montinnen in Sweden.

Bram Paardenkoper getting ready to do battle at Zandvoort from the pointy end of the grid.

Jurgen Schurgers in his fast 1000 OTtag heuer carrera

Henk Van Herk and Annelise Abarth with his immaculate Allemano Spiderrepliche Rolex deepsea

Here is Frans Blogg on his way up the Silver Flag Hillclimb in Vernasca Italy. Looks like a great vintage shot in B & W. replica Omega



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