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Item: Oil Pump Drive

Part #: 11-10
Description: Oil pump drive Reverse Rotation, for 902 and 1050 installations

Part #: 11-12
Description: Oil pump drive, reverse rotation for 817/743/OT1000 installations.

Item: Oil Pump Drive

Part #: 11-11
Description: Oil pump drive CW rotation, for 903 and 1050 installations

Part #: 1-13
Description: Oil pump drive, CW rotation for 982/AH/850 installations.

Item: PBS 2-Piece Oil Pan

Part #: 011-01
Description: PBS Aluminium 2-piece oil pan (Carter), complete with windage tray.

Item: Abarth Oil Pan

Part #: 11-02
Description: Replica of the original magnesium 2piece oil pan, cast in 356-T6 aluminium.  Complete with 6mm studs and nuts.

Item: Flavia Oil Filter Adapter

Part #: 11-15
Description: Bulkhead mounting adapter for Lancia Flavia - 1000TC/TCR/OTR oil filter unit.

Item: Remote Oil Filter

Part # 11-16
Description: 1000TC/TCR/OTR Remote oil filter and pressure bypass assembly. Unit has both pressure and thermostatic bypass circuits.  LIMITED AVAILABILITY.

Item:  Oil Flow Adapters

Part #: 11-17
Description: Reverse oil flow kit for Fiat 843/903/OT1000 motors.  Disables the centrifugal oil filter and allows oil to be externally filtered and cooled.

Item:  Fiat Aluminum 903 Type Oil Pan.

Part #: 11-03
Description:  Standard Fiat cast aluminum oil pan.  5 quart capacity with built-in oil pick up surround.  This item can be used on all blocks.

Item: Fiat Oil Pump

Part #: 11-07
Description: New A112 type oil pump.

Part #: 11-08
Description: Rebuilt A112 type oil pump.

Part #: 11-09
Description: Rebuilt Fiat 850 type oil pump.

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