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Item: Dual Circuit Master Cylinder

Part #: 14-02
Description: Dual circuit master cylinder for Fiat 600 type chassis.  To mount in the original location extra mounting holes in chassis are required.


Item: Girling Calipers

Part #: 14-10
Description: Girling 3 piston rear caliper

Part #: 14-11
Description: Girling 3 piston front caliper

Part #: 14-12
Description: Auxiliary rear parking brake caliper



Item:  Wilwood Front Brake Calipers

Part #: 14-13
Description: Wilwood Aluminium 4 piston front brake calipers

Part #: 14-14
Description: Wilwood mounting bracket. 

Part #: 14-15
Description: Competition brake pads for Wilwood Caliper Part # 14-13

Item:  Wilwood Aluminum Rear Brake Caliper

Part #: 14-16
Description: Wilwood aluminium 2 piston rear caliper

Part #: 14-17
Description: Wilwood rear caliper mounting bracket

Part #: 14-18
Description: Willwood competition brake pads for Item 14-16.

Item:  Lightweight Rear Brake Disc

Part #: 14-18
Description: Lightweight, non vented, nodular iron rear brake disc rotor with gas slots.  Disc is attached to special billet aluminum center "hat".

Part #: 14-19
Description: Billet aluminum disc brake rotor hat.  Mounts on standard Fiat wheel flange with 98mm bolt circle.

Item:  Front Brake Rotor

Part #: 14-20
Description: Nodular iron, crossdrilled front brake rotor.  Must be used with S/T Part 13-31.  May be used with Girling, Fiat and Wilwood front calipers with the appropriate caliper adapter plate.

Item: TCR Hand Brake Caliper set

Part #: 14-12
Description:  Auxiliary rear parking brake caliper

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