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Item: Intake Manifold

Part #: 06-09
Description: Downdraft manifold for Solex CCI or Weber DCNF type carburetors. Carburetor sit in-line with the engine.

Part #: 06-10
Description: Downdraft manifold for Weber 36DCD type carburetor. Carburetor sits at right angles to the engine.

Part #: 06-11
Description: Sidedraft manifold with integral valve cover to suit Weber DCOE 40/45.  This integrated design evolved  as a stronger alternative to an intake only design.

Part #: 06-16
Description: Carburetor Anti-vibration kit.  One required per DCOE carburetor.


Item: Carburetor

Part #: 06-01
Description: Weber DCD type carburetor.  36 DCD and 34 DCD with either direct or progressive linkage.  All are used or rebuilt.

Part #: 06-14
Description: 36DCD gasket kit

Part #: 06-15
Description: 36DCD rebuild kit.


Item: Solex Carburetor

Part #: 06-02
Description: Solex CCI 40-42 carburetor.  2 barrell downdraft with simultaneous opening.  Race applications ONLY.  Check on availability.

Part #: 06-12
Description: Intake velocity stack  for CCI carburetor - Injection moulded plastic.

Part #: 06-13
Description: Auxiliary venturi for CCI carburetors. Various sizes available

Item: Carburetor

Part #: 06-01
Description: Weber DCN type carburetor.  Available in 36 and 40mm sizes.  Check on availability.

Item: Carburetor Intake Velocity Stack

Part #: 06-12
Description: Injection molded, red plastic velocity stack for Solex CCI carburetor.  May also be adapted to DCNF40 Weber carburetors.

Items: Carburetor Primary Venturi

Part #: 06-13
Description: Primary venturi for Weber 36DCD, DCN36, DCNF36, DCNF40 and Solex CCI carburetors.  Available in 27, 28 , 29, 30 and 32mm.  No longer available from Weber or Solex.

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