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Summer Sale Specials

The following items are available at special prices as current inventory levels allow.  All prices are in US dollars and do not include shipping, taxes or import duty (if applicable to the country of destination).  All items are new, unless otherwise noted, and carry our standard warranty.

TCR Style Exhaust - Suitable for all Fiat 850, 903 and 1050 motors.  Comes complete with "stinger".  Made from stainless steel.  Normal price USD$960  Sale Price USD$600

 1000TC Style exhaust system with "under car" stinger.  Stainless steel tube.  Will fit all Fiat 850,903, and 1050 motors.  Note:  Does not include damper system shown in photo.  Normal Price USD$960  Sale Price USD$600  ONLY ONE AVAILBLE

Billet 4340 Connecting Rods with ARP connecting rod bolts.  These H-beam connecting rods are some of the strongest that we have ever used.  Each set of 4 rods comes complete with ARP 2000 bolts.  Normal Price USD$436  Sale price USD$300  SOLD OUT

Forged Piston Sets - All of our forged Piston Sets, from currently available stock, are available during this sale.  Each set consists of 4 pistons, rings, pins and clips.  All pistons use our 1.2, 1.2, 2.5mm ring pack and have peripherally ported top ring grooves.  Normal Price USD$599-$625  Sale Price USD$435 per set.

Rear Coilover Damper unit.  18 position adjustable rear coilover unit for use with Fiat 600 chassis.  Can be used with standard trailing arms or with Scuderia Topolino Tobulare trailing arms. Allows full ride height adjustability.  Normal Price USD499  Sale Price US$270

Independent Front suspension Cross Member and A-Arms.  This is for use on Fiat 600 chassis.  Steel crossmember complete with mounting hardware. Steel A-arms complete with Unibals and Eurathane bushings.  Normal Price USD$1495  Sale Price USD$999  Note: we have only one of these in stock at this time.

Close Ratio Transaxle -  Complete close ratio transaxle, including new straight cut gear set, 9/39 ring and pinion, limited slip differential, all new bearings, seals and gaskets.  Gear ratios are 3.38, 1.75, 1.20 and 1.04.  Regular Price USD$2895  Sale Price USD$2295  + crating and shipping.  ONLY ONE LEFT


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