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Abarth 229A crankshaft.  This is the rare "narrow" connecting rod bearing version.  Unit has been cleaned, magnafluxed and all journals have been micropolished.  Mains are .1mm* undersize and rod journals are .25mm under size (1st undersize).

*  .1mm undersize is equivalent to .004" and is a special undersize that Abarth used.  The crankshaft comes with a set of extrememy rare .1mm undersize Vandervell main bearings  These are over $300 when bought seprately.

All journals have been ground with large edge radii, for superior strength and performance.

The connencting rod shown in the photo is a specially made "narrow" Cariillo type connecting rod,  This set is available separately and comes with a set of  coated, narrow rod bearings from Calico Coatings


Abarth 229A crankshaft "043" dated 3/67 with  Vandervell main bearings and new thrust bearings   $1450

Carillo Type H-Beam, narrow journal connecting rods, complete with Calico coated connecting rod bearings and bushed for 18mm piston pins.  $595.00.

Various types of forged pistons (1000TC, A112, TCR or OTR 1 litre Bialbero) can be supplied at $625 per set of 4.  Depending on the application, these may have to be special ordered.

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