Vehicle Inspections - Scuderia Topolino can help you assess the quality of that special vehicle, special motor, or other automotive collectable. We have experts both in the US and in Europe who can travel to inspect any project or vehicle that you have in mind. You only pay for our time and travel costs to confirm the condition of the purchase. To arrange inspections please feel free to contact Scuderia Topolino. Click HERE for our contact details.

Driver Coaching - Scuderia Topolino can put you in contact with a driving coach in your area to help you with driving related issues. Please contact Scuderia Topolino. Click HERE for our contact details.

Vehicles/Motors for Sale

If you have an Abarth road or race vehicle for sale, you can list it here. You should include four photographs of the outside, inside, engine compartment and location of the vehicle. Include any information regarding the history of the vehicle. For race vehicles please include any included spares, special equipment, conformance with particular race regulations, FIA eligibility, race log book availability, recent race activity. Please include the asking price of the vehicle. This listing service is free of charge.

Scuderia Topolino will assist prospective purchasers with negotiating an acceptable price for any vehicle listed. In addition if you have a special vehicle that you wish to locate, but it is not listed here, we can help you find it. We do charge for this service, and our service includes presentation of offer and preparing a sales contract and arranging for transportation, if required. The actual cost of the transportation is the responsibity of the purchaser. If a successful sale is negotiated, we charge a "flat rate" according to the following schedule.

Vehicles up to $75.000 USD $1500
Vehicles between $75,000-150,000 USD $2500
Vehicles over $150,000 Negotiable

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