Who we are - Scuderia Topolino was establshed in 2001 with the aim of providing specialist, competition advice, parts and services for owners of Abarth, Fiat and Simca based automobiles.

Corporate Goals and Mission Statement - Our Company believes it is important to provide both "value and quality" in all of our products and services. Hence our company motto "When only the BEST will do". We will at all times attempt to provide competitive products, services and prices.

Facilities and Business Activities - Our Company focus is on five distinct areas. These include Product Research and Development, Component Design and Manufacturing, Engine Development and Engineering, Component Sales and Distribution, and Specialist Services.

Research and Development - This department includes a Stuska 400 HP Engine Dynamometer with Digital Data Acquisition, Computerized Air Flow Bench, Computerized Camshaft Data Logger, as well as a fully equipped prototype machine, fabrication and welding shop.

Component Design and Manufacturing - Our Company undertakes complete product design, generation of technical drawings and, either internal or outsourced, manufacturing of all components. These components are all tested in our R&D department and/or field tested under race conditions.

Specialist Services - Whether a client is looking for a particular part, a complete car, or even simply a document, this department will attempt to find it for them. We keep a listing of special vehicles and components that are for sale and also publish a number of E-Books of important documents pertaining to Abarth, Fiat and Simca automobiles.

Component Sales and Distribution - This department organizes all aspects of component sales and logistics. This includes pricing and special discount programs for motor sport competitors and dealers. We maintain component depots in both the USA and Europe.

Contact Information - We can be contacted by telephone, fax, Skype and Email. We maintain direct telephone numbers in several countries for the convenience of our customers.

Scuderia Topolino
981B Trinity Road, Raleigh, NC 27607 - USA
Tel: USA +919 842-3880 - Fax USA +919 462-8322
Email - paul@scuderiatopolino.com - pheyden@ieee.org

Tel: Australia +612 8011 3505 - Tel: Germany +49 2151 4497022
Tel: Sweden +46 855 922 677 - Tel: UK +44 020 8133 8185
SKYPE: pheyden@ieee.org

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